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Don't be surprised by scenarios like COVID-19, self-driving cars, and Brexit.

Grow your wealth with our methodology for event based investing.
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Building a Strategic Portfolio

  • Is your portfolio prepared to handle scenarios like COVID-19 or self-driving cars? Are you able to anticipate market changes instead of responding to market trends?

  • Do you know what events threaten your otherwise safe investments and how you can prepare for those events?

  • When an investment scenario begins to unfold, do you have a systematic strategy to identify triggers and move before the market does?

Stock Market Data

The Analysis You Need to Outperform the Market

ScenPath builds investment strategies around researched scenarios. Join our community of investors to discuss investment scenarios with other Scenario Traders and have access to our research into specific scenarios.

With a subscription you will receive:

  • Membership to our investing forum. Discuss Scenario Trades with other investors and develop your own investing scenarios with like-minded thinkers.

  • Access to a lightweight library of event-based trading scenarios. Discuss investment strategies tailored to each scenario, identifying specific investment targets and uncovering investments with underappreciated risk.


The ScenPath Process


1. Subscribe

Gain access to researched investment opportunities and a community of Scenario Traders. We go beyond picking an individual stock to provide you with the tools to identify multiple potential targets for each scenario we cover, giving you options for your style of investing.


2. Plan

Use our analysis to plan your Scenario Trades and discuss your investments with other scenario traders on our forum. Use our planning spreadsheets to help you decide not only what your investment should be but also the timing for your trades.


3. Act

Monitor your investments using our scenario-specific guidance and discussions with our community of like-minded investors. Our investment tools will guide you through identifying investment triggers and managing your Scenario Trade.


The ScenPath Methodology

​At ScenPath we want you to be a highly successful investor. Anticipating market shifts is essential, but the problem is that existing investment techniques are only helpful once you have already identified specific investments for analysis. Without a strategy to identify market shifts in advance, you feel like you are left chasing market trends. We believe Scenario Trading is the key to anticipating the market. We understand feeling anxious about unexpected market swings, which is why we identify and research investment scenarios so that you can be prepared before a scenario unfolds. For example, when the market dropped over 30% during the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Scenario Trading would have prepared you to be profiting from things like teleconferencing stocks instead of worrying about your portfolio. And when the vaccine was approved, you would have had an investment plan for that event in the scenario as well.


Here's how we help you plan:

  1. When you subscribe, you receive access to our library of trading scenarios and membership to our investing community forum.

  2. Discuss your Scenario Trades with a community of investors interested in Scenario Trading. Monitor events with us to be among the Early Aware, positioning you to identify and profit from market inefficiencies.

  3. We identify and research investment opportunities for specific scenarios. Instead of just picking a specific stock, we provide the tools to identify multiple potential investment targets. This allows you to tailor your Scenario Trades to your style of investing.

  4. Our book teaches you how to use our tools to map out your Scenario Trading investment plan, and our spreadsheets will guide your analysis. Don’t just take someone else’s word that they have found a good investment. Using our tools and scenario-specific analysis, you will be able to choose your investment targets and plan the optimal timing for your trades.

  5. Once you have made your investments, our tools will guide you through monitoring your portfolio. The scenario analysis library will help you anticipate market shifts. Our book and spreadsheets will walk you through monitoring and adjusting your investments as scenarios play out.


Do you want to learn more about Scenario Trading? Download our free scenario white paper “Carrington 2: Coronal Mass Ejection” and our Scenario Analysis Spreadsheets, check out our vlog on YouTube, join our Scenario Trading forum, and read our book "Scenario Trading: An Introduction to Event-Based Investing." It is time to stop following the market and instead build your wealth by anticipating how scenarios will shape the market.


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